By Frank F Islam & Ed Crego, February 17, 2021 (Image credits: Tom de Boor, Adobe, et al)

  • Stated that the election of the first two Muslim women to Congress in 2018 was “an Islamic invasion of our government.”
  • Declared, as Politico reported, at the end of one of her videos, when she was campaigning in 2020 to win the Republican primary to run for Congress, that “the most mistreated people in America today are white males.”
  • After MTG assumed office and her record of vitriol and delusional charges became more widely known, several U.S. Senators criticized her comments. Most notably, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, while not mentioning Greene by name said, “Loony lies and conspiracy theories are cancer for the Republican Party and our country.”
  • Just before there was to be a hearing in the House on whether to remove MTG from the Education and Budget Committees to which she had been appointed by the Republicans, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a statement that he had told Greene that “as a member of Congress we have a responsibility to hold ourselves to a higher standard than how she presented herself as a private citizen.”
  • MTG, online, clicked ‘like’ for social media postings that suggested putting “a bullet to the head” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and executing FBI agents for helping the “deep state.” Another thing MTG obviously liked was her Facebook congressional campaign ad showing her holding an assault weapon next to photos of three Democratic representatives, Alexandra Occasio-Cortez, Rashida Talib, and Ilhan Omar, members of a group called the “Squad.” The ad’s headline was “Squad’s Worst Nightmare.”